Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lost Credit Card and 50000 Rs

Date: 14th November 2008
Time: 5:00 PM

My DH was coming to pick me and he stops to get the petrol. After taking the petrol, he throws his CC at the next seat and in the night when we came back home we realized that CC is missing. Our first reaction was instant, get it blocked. We might have lost it some where. It was 9:00 PM. He was about to call and parallely told me that we might have left it in car. We thought latter is more possible then former as we have many times left our phones in the car only to find them in morning. So we decided to check our car in the morning ( Yes i could have check it right then but my car's internal lighjt is almost non-existent, so it was nearly impossible and my torch is broken). In the morning I got up quite early and checked my car for CC. Alas, it was not there! :(

I told my DH and we called up our CC company immediately to block the card, and the news, someone has already used my CC for 50000 Rs somewhere around 10:00 PM last night. Yes, I have lost Fifty Thousand Rupees in almost a second. :(

I filed the FIR and am still waiting for transaction details to file a dispute with CC bank. I have no clue what to do! Feeling sad and angry like hell even now. Why am I being frugal all the time when someone can steal my money so easily. :( Why should I save for future when every investment is falling like dry leaves from tree. :( Why always me? I am saving from the day I started earning, while all my friends used to spend all at that time. Result after 4 years: They are much better then me today or same as I am. :(

Yes right now I hate everything and I am angry over every thing.


  1. What are your options to recover that money? Do they have credit card protection there as they do here in the US?

    Don't be so down. It's an uphill battle, saving money. It's be nice if we could all just snap our fingers and be independently wealthy, but where would the learning experience be? Maybe you're stocking up on wisdom to pass to your kids?

  2. No, there is no way to money recovery at least as of now. I ahve to file a dispute and then see how things proceed.
    Ya, I agree, atleast experience is worth.

  3. PJ, I just want to throw up. I'm so sorry about the post this morning. I was listing my bloggy friends, and it was 2am (my insomnia was kicking in), and something was niggling me that I forgot someone. I woke up this morning saying "PJ! How could I be so stupid!", ran to the blog and fixed it ASAP, but by then you'd already been there. You are certainly one of those that I'm grateful for, my friend from across the seas. I love having someone in another part of the world - it sometimes forces me to look at my problems through your eyes, and contemplate if they're even legitimate problems. Sending you a big American-style hug and lots of prayers of blessings for you this Thanksgiving! :)