Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is your financial personality?

I came across lots of people in my daily life and no two are similar. But when it comes to financial pattern, I see some common types of personality:

Dominant Miser - They are the one's who will never offer you an extra scoop of ice-cream over smoothie when they are treating and will always order the expensive most thing on the Menu when someone else is treating. They never forget when others owe them money but will never remember if they owe the money to you. And they are so dominantly miser, that even their partners will dread spending in their presence. (A very personal experience of a real-life couple I know.)

Recessive Miser - Their heart aches to spend money. They will never buy a gift for you on any occasion. They just don't feel the need to buy something for this occasion. But when in the group, they are absolutely OK to pick the tabs. When they go shopping with their partner, they find it hard to spend for themselves, then for their home and hardly any problem in buying for the partner. Buying gifts for others if they are not around is still a problem. So basically they are miser, but recessive in a way because it is not transferrable to their partners.

Recessive Spender - Personally I find them most irritating. They are the ones who will not think twice before buying something for themselves. They will have latest gadgets, branded clothes but will never have money when it comes to treating others or picking tabs when in group. They never refuse a treat from you but will be super busy post 2 months of their birthday. Their partners have to save because of all the financial goals. Not FAIR! I remember that Fabulously Broke once mentioned a story of her brother who falls in this category. And no I still not read her.

Dominant Spender - Well, they are the ones who love spending money. They are the one's who will not think twice before buying something for them, for their family and friends. They are so cheerful doing it that their partners feel obliged. When they are around, even miser partners want to splurge on themselves.

I think I am little bit of Recessive Miser and little more of Dominant Spender.
How about you? What kind of person are you?


  1. I think I am little bit of Recessive Miser and little more of Dominant Spender too.

    Now, I see the connection...