Thursday, May 6, 2010

vicious circle

It says ‘life is to move on’ and I decided to move on and made new mistakes and it again told me to move on and I did and made new mistakes...

Life is a vicious circle, you do few things, some will be good from one outlook, some will be not so good, and some will be bad. You will realize your gaffe, your constraints and will try to move on. To move on, you will make more picks, followed by more actions. Again, few of them will be good, few not and life becomes a vicious circle.

No matter what you do, what you choose, you will have grudges, grievances, guilt’s, tears and smiles. But you keep moving on as it says that life is to move on.

Only way I can see to actually move on in life is not and never to look back in life. No matter what all says, even those who used to matter most at some time, don’t look back, as it also says that ‘don’t look back, because that is not the direction you are traveling in.’ In life, 100 people you will meet will not behave in a way you expected them to and similarly you can not behave in a way 100 others expect you from.

No matter what anyone claims, no one can ever completely understand your circumstances and what you went through. So, a learning hard learnt, never stop to or try to explain same to anyone. That will increase fault and stews and will make moving on difficult.

I said in one of my blogs that ‘expect and give a lot in any relationship, because that’s what makes a relationship stronger’, but one more conclusion I have drawn is, as soon as a relationship ends, get rid of all expectations from it. That is the true way to move on.

So cheer up and move on as it says ‘life is to move on’.

Last to say, 'life can be tough, circumstances can be tougher, keep on living with dignity, because there is no other way to live the life.’

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