Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Goals Tracking - Aug End

These are my goals for 2013.


1. Networth: PASS for year. What is important is that I have achieved my annual goal, exactly 4 months early. :) My NW has increased by 20% for the year.
2. Savings: Saved > 50%. Pass.
3. Retirement: Pass. This category is fully automated now.
4. Budget: Fail. Actually I didn't budget, with so many expenses I saw no point of that. I knew if I could achieve 1 & 2, I am good.


1. Cooking: Fail.
2. Schedule for baby: Pass.  
3. Study - work related: Pass.
4. Get rid of TV: Pass. I think traveling in last month, then family visit left no time for TV.
5. Self Improvement - one-thing-at-a-time: Pass.
First thing I wanted to improve was taking better care of myself. Given all the changes in last 3 years, relocation, kid, job and then another job, left no time and intention for taking care of myself. And then this started having negative impact on more than one aspects of my life. That's why I decided this is going to be year of self-love. Finally, after 8 months, I can say that drive to feel good, look good, take care of my health has come back. Now I am thinking of at least one more thing that I can concentrate on for remaining 4 months. Improving 2 is better than achieving nothing, even though original goal was to improve 4 things. I think next I am going to concentrate again on strengthening things between me and DH. Again this is something I feel has been taken way way for granted. Time to improve. :)
6. Reduce Google-Reader addiction: Pass. Now, since I read everything on email, I am better equipped with reading at fixed time.

Total Score:  8 / 10.

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