Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Goals Tracking - November End

These are my goals for 2010.
1)Continue learning new dishes to cook. One new dish per week.
2)Continue to be on budget.
3)Start saving for prepayment of mortgage. 2L should be saved for same.
4)Contribute to retirement as per the plan.
5)Be less obsessive on daily tracking of things.
6)Learn to swim.
7)Improve healthy eating.
8)Earning Rs 50250 (2010*25) extra in 2010

It's November end and as I promised this month's review includes status of my goals collectively for both the months, October and November.

Goal 1 - Cooking - PASS. Thanks to Hyderabad. :) We are not getting any decent cook here, so I am cooking everyday and so far enjoying it completely. WOW!
Goal 2 - Budget - Don't Know. My Savings is on track, in fact more then on track, so I am assuming that even if I am spending little more, it's OK!
Goal 3 - Save for Mortgage - PASS.
Goal 4 - Save for Retirement - PASS.
Goal 5 - Obsession for tracking - PASS.
Goal 6 - Swimming - Don't Know - Have dropped it for now.
Goal 7 - Healthy Eating - PASS.
Goal 8 - Extra Earnings - PASS. I completed my annual target in November itself. Now whatever I am going to get in December is additional. :)

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  1. Only 1 miss out of all your goals Vow!! Way to go lady!!! Enjoy your journey.

  2. Definately you will achieve your goal and at the end of the day feel really happy.

  3. might i ask u how to acheived ur goal 8?

  4. Hi Cyraic.
    I answered it already in my next post.
    Let me re post it here.
    I don’t do any extra work other then my full time job and house hold chores and I don’t pay myself for latter. This mainly comes from passive income, reward points and gifts. Yes I actually try to save all the cash gifts I receive and some amount corresponding to all the materialistic gifts as well from my budgeted amount. Did I hear insane? Well I’ll say it is just a mental technique to improve my savings.

  5. i wont say insane, but 50k just out of reward points and gift, oh boy thats a lot...

  6. Not just that.. also passive income.. like dividends.. interest etc..