Sunday, November 28, 2010

My First Lottery Win feels WOW!

Yes, you read it correctly. No I am not a gambling addict but as i have mentioned so many times I am jinxed ;)

Little background, before 26th November 2010, I had never ever won any lottery. I never won Tambola/Housie :(. In fact, I was so unlucky that I have never heard my name in any chit picking game. Once in my college, our lab seats were to be decided by picking up the slips and out of 40 students, I was the last one whose name slip never got picked and I had to take the last seat left :(

But not anymore. On 26th November, in our office party, I won in Tambola, not one but two prizes. One first five and then completing third row.

Do you wanna know how it felt, awesome, purely awesome. I am feeling so lucky again :)

Just wondering how some small things cam make you feel almost half of your age, and no I am not revealing mine :D


  1. What a refreshing post - at least disclose what you won please :-)

  2. Vow! Congratulations!!!
    Party time again... :)

  3. @Manshu: Winning felt so so much important that I forgot to mention what I won.. complete 90 Rs. :)
    Now you got why I was feeling like a kid, amount was so small yet I was jumping in front of my whole team, that's just one+ month old in my life :)

  4. hehe, a win is a win nonetheless, enjoy :)