Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Septembers Final Update and October Goal

September is gone and my marriage is 5 months old. :) wow.

Neways, this blog is not about my life, only finacial part of it.
September was not my month, DH managed it and blown it off.

1) We needed more money then actually allocated, we went over budget. :)
2) CC bill is blown. Quite predictable but not all his fault. He only added some to it, rest were few bad things that just happened along the way.

But yes we really splurged, ate loads of Pizzas, watched 2 movies but not much of shopping. I also had two get together in last month, so all OK.

October, is again to me. Lets see how I fair, I hope of doing good. :)
My goal:

1) simple as always, limit my home budget with Rs. 15000, and lets see how I fair.
2) Have 10 no spend days in october. I am doing this for the first time but lets see how i fair. :)

And yes, I was checking on the contingency cash that I have accumulated through money that I saved while managing house. In just three months, I managed to save around Rs 6000, out of which we already took 1000 last month to meet the ends. So, now I am left with Rs 5000 and thinking of putting it in some saving account. Lets see how this goes! Will update you all, but thought of sharing this with you all.

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  1. Yay! Boo! LOL, such mixed feelings in one blog entry! Good luck getting spending under control. Not sure how things are across the world, but things are soooo much more expensive here. We're eating a TON more beans and rice. In fact, I was thinking of you today, I'm making "Morrocan lentil stew", but it has garam masala, cumin, cayenne, and cinnamon in it? I'm thinking "morrocan" may not be the right term for it.

    Stay away from the pizzas! They're ridiculously expensive!

    Good luck....