Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me seems to be back.. atleast for now

I missed this, reading and writing.
I almost read all that you all wrote in the meantime, even though not commented much.
First of all some updates from my side:
1) I recently changed my team I work for. It was tough, I was working on last product for almost 3 years and was completely in my confort zone, but thats exactly what I hate. I love everyday to be tough and challenging. Initial 15 days in this new project were very very tough. I don't know linux, I dread it. Now that will be main platform for my development, so things are going to be tough for another 6 months. But I am sure I'll learn a great deal in return.

2) Last month, DH managed home finances(or shall I say blown them up :)), but I guess he has tasted what I wanted him to know. This I'll be able to comment more only in coming days. Exactly about my finances later, but it was fun. I mean yuu just sitting and he managing the numbers, fun. :) We should do this every 6 months.

3) I finally recovered completely from my illness. My throat and mouth seems to be doing perfectly fine for now. Fingers are crossed.

I think put lots of things on track last month, so I call it a success month. :)

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  1. First, so glad you're feeling better. I was pretty worried about you!

    Second, I may just steal your idea and have DH do the budget for a month. They get into this little world where they hand over their paycheck and their work is done...they don't see all the "behind the scenes" stuff. Like where the groceries come from, and when the utilities get paid. Maybe a reality check is in order. Question is, did your husband learn anything from the experience?

    Thirdly, sorry to hear about the budget bubble. These things happen, we can only learn from it and try to fix the next month. You're not alone, I bombed on September's grocery budget. But I have new goals for this month. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you if you keepp yours crossed for me? :)