Thursday, February 4, 2016

2016 Goals Tracking - Jan End

These are my goals for 2016.

Tracking time is here, let’s see what my progress is and what the scorecard is after end of the January.

  1. Net-worth (increase by 20%): Pass.
  2. Savings (Save 67% of total money)Pass.
  3. Retirement (Save 40% of net salary)Pass. 
  4. Emergency Fund (EF = 12X monthly expenses)Fail. I needed to move some EF to one of the savings account (Tax free bonds!!). Will be working on bringing this up in coming months. 
  5. Save all of DH's salary: Pass.

  1. Baby Schedule: Pass 
  2. ReadingFail. When Am I Going To Ever Work on This? :( :( :(. I am so so mad at myself. 
  3. Love myself: Fail. A very hectic month work wise, can't do enough here :(
  4. Watch my spending: Pass. Mostly didn't buy anything other then few things for baby and was quite thoughtful on my purchases.

Score: 6/9. 

What an Average start of the year! :(
So far this year has a theme of gloomy. Lot of uncertainity over job, hopefully will be able to resolve all of that pretty soon.

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