Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Goals Tracking - Jun End

These are my goals for 2015.

Tracking time is here, let’s see what my progress is and what the scorecard is after end of the June.

  1. Net-worth (increase by 20%): Pass. - On-track ( it was very marginal change this month but anything positive is a YAY!)
  2. Savings (Save 65% of total money): Fail. (another expensive month and a month where for a change I wanted to spend-it-all rather than save.)
  3. Retirement (Save 40% of net salary): Pass. 
  4. Emergency Fund (EF = 12X monthly expenses)Pass 
  5. Save all of DH's salary: Fail

  1. Baby Schedule: Pass 
  2. Reading: Pass - feels so good. Just need to continue this. 
  3. Writing: Fail. I have left this goal as 3rd habit to improve and will pick most probably after August. 
  4. Love myself: Pass. 2 out of 3 has become a part of daily routine already. Every 4 months, I will take 1 of the 3 things and work on it for next 4 months. This seems like a better and more doable approach than aiming all 3 at one time. 

Life Update:
I am at a very difficult mental phase of my life. 
Nights where "I will just get up and won't be able to sleep back till dawn" have become a norm. 
Subconscious mind is filling conscious mind with all negative things. It's as if former is playing a game of joining all the dots that I purposefully ignored so far. This gives lot of fodder to latter to feel sad/depressed/angry/frustrated. 

Everyday, I pray to God to keep me sane, give me positive thoughts, give me strength to cope with all this in positive manner. This is the only hope that still puts a smile on this face. :)

To be honest, can't wait this year to be over, damn we are only midway through. :(

Score: 6/9. 

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