Thursday, January 8, 2015

Looking Back - 2014

I had 9 goals for 2014 and before starting working towards my 2015 goals, I want to look back and reflect how I did in 2014.


Networth: I aimed to increase same by 20%. Achieved this goal way back in August. And by the year end I almost increased it by double of what I targeted. Before you start judging me for aiming so low, let me tell you missing part of the story. There is one automated part of savings that gets deducted from our salary forcibly which I never added in my NW. However, after DH continuous push, I finally added that component in my savings, hence a big jump in NW numbers. But even otherwise, this would have been a convincing winner of the year.

Savings: I wanted to save 40% of our joint take home salary. Monthly, I achieved it 8 out of 12 months. But annually, I met this goal very comfortably. I infact saved 55% of joint take home salary, which is a very satisfying number.

Retirement: As I said here, I totally forgot what I meant in this goal so I redefined it. I have not once interrupted my automated retirement savings, hence a success for this goal. Another victory.

Emergency Fund - Wanted to have 3 months of living expenses in EF. Achieved this in first half of the year. By the end of year, I had 6 months of living expenses saved as EF. Feels good, thanks to this. :)

Payoff my 1 loan - This would have happened even with regular EMI payments. 


Baby Schedule - I really worked very hard on work-life balance. This was a priority all through. A satisfying year on this front for sure.

Reading related to Job - Big failure. I hardly could spend any time on this. However, this aspect just can't be ignored in my current job. I am going to focus really hard on this in 2015. 

Improve yourself - Cannot actually list 4 things, however, I had a very positive 2014. Lots of usual bad things happened but for most part I dealt with them in positive manner. I know that this needs much more work but was a Pass in 2014.

Improve stamina - Walking for half an hour at night has become almost my second nature now, thanks to some good company I get in our society. That support system made it so much fun. 

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