Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goals for 2015

2014 was year of Financial come back and continuing Self  Love. Some of the key takeaways are:

1. Financially, 2014 was a good year for my family. 
2. Baby is more of a toddler now. His progress in this year was phenomenal.  
3. I am in much better shape, stamina wise. Falling less ill when compared to last year. Need to continue same routine to improve mental, physical and emotional health.
Over to goals for 2015.


Last two years have been good financially, hoping to continue same this year as well and hit a hat-trick. And yes I once again hope that Murphy decides not to visit us and we can pass this category.

  1. Networth: Lets keep it same as good old 20% however, this is going to be a stretch goal for this year(true maths geek!!!). 
  2. Savings: Save 65% of total money (all salary + bonus + any other money). 
  3. Retirement: Save 40% of net salary in retirement. 
  4. Emergency Fund - Last year I aimed at 3X monthly expenses and ended up saving 6X. This year, lets aim for 12X i.e. expenses of 1 whole year. This should be a good cushion for now.
  5. Save all of DH's salary - This means we get to live on my salary + reimbursements. Should be totally doable. 


Continuing "Love Yourself".

  1. Aim to not disturb baby's schedule on day to day basis, specifically when we have visitors. 
  2. Spend at least one hour on my new job related studying. Hope to succeed in this category.
  3. I will re-pick diary writing. 
  4. Love myself - Continuing same, follow my routine rigorously, esp of Walk, Bath and Pray. 
9 goals for this year, please wish me best of luck and I promise to try and update regularly on my progress. 

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