Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Married Please Excuse - Review

Just Married Please Excuse

This book is written by one of the regular bloggers who blogs on “Y On Earth Not”.

If you are newly married, or you are a new mother then do spend some time and read this book. Book will not only make you laugh, but you will also get answers for lots of your apprehensions.

I especially liked her description of life after baby is born. All the pampering’s plus all feel-good-na-best hormones of last 9 months all of the sudden go out of door. You will start having doubts whether you were only used to produce a baby. Well, book will convince you for sure that all of us feel something similar and will make you laugh on same.

Yes book is funny but more than that its REAL. For me it answered all my apprehensions of life after baby. I am sure for some of you it will answer apprehensions about marriage.

One of the rare books I am going to recommend to all my friends esp. in these phases of life. Already gifted to my 2 friends who have just become mother.

P.S. Thanks Yashodra for gifting me same. It certainly makes it all the more special. I was anyhow looking for this book and would have liked it even otherwise.

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