Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My money is mine so are decisions associated with it.. period

Sometimes you come across a post that exactly describes your state of mind at that time. From last few days I am frustrated. In general I am way more irritable then normal me. I am trying to introspect and understand what's bothering beneath the surface but it is not an easy task.

Well I know for sure last year has a big role in that. As I have mentioned several times here already it was a year of murphy. I read an article by J.Money about stuff new home owners should think and it struck an immediate chord. There was probably not a single month where I didn't need to replace or buy something new for home.

I know, that's why we save emergency fund (my EF also includes my contingency fund). But I am a saver. I always like to save first and then spend. So, it was tough for me. Very very tough to part with so much of our saved money month after month. It's very hard to see your 18 months of EF depleting to 11 months EF.

On top of that what else can frustrate you. Don't waste brain guessing, its when people comment that when you have so much money (in bank) why you crib about expenses and why you do price comparing, why to delay some purchase, why not to keep full time maid? Why why why? That's something similar to what FB wrote recently in her article that how people think others get rich.

Let me just dribble my answers here, for my peace of mind sake:

1) I have money in bank because I am thoughtful about expenses which you are not.

2) I understand that 100 Rs. wasted each day costs me Rs 3000 in a month and in a year, Rs 3000 * 12 (Go do the math), that’s a very respectable sum FOR ME.

3) I have money because I work my a$$ for it. Even in pregnancy when sitting for long hours was next to impossible I worked as much as I could, because I understand that money needs to be earned.

4) I simply didn't inherit anything in this world. From my house to my car to everything I own, I have earned by working HARD.

5) I do price comparison because I understand that every penny saved is equal to 2 pennies earned.

6) Because I want to retire one day without being dependent on my children.

Frugality is tough especially when you come across such people. This blog and my Google Reader provide me with much needed motivation and peace of mind at such times. Thanks to you all PF blogger out there. You all rock.

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