Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 Goals Tracking - Mar End

These are my goals for 2015.

Unbelievable, that march is already gone.

Tracking time is here, let’s see what my progress is and what the scorecard is.


  1. Net-worth (increase by 20%): Pass. Increase in %age was much less than Jan and Feb however anything northwards is a pass.
  2. Savings (Save 65% of total money): Pass.
  3. Retirement (Save 40% of net salary): Fail. March is usually the time when I do annual portfolio shuffling, hence some of the money is cashed. Will be put back in in a month or two. Hence this became negative. 
  4. Emergency Fund (EF = 12X monthly expenses)Pass 
  5. Save all of DH's salary: Pass

  1. Baby Schedule: Pass 
  2. Reading: Fail
  3. Writing: Fail 
  4. Love myself: Pass. 1 out of 3 has become a part of daily routine already. Every 4 months, I will take 1 of the 3 things and work on it for next 4 months. This seems like a better and more doable approach than aiming all 3 at one time. 

Score: 6/9. :( ---> Still in search of a 9/9 month.

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