Thursday, July 3, 2014

Half yearly update and tracking - 2014

These are my goals for 2014.

Can't believe its July already. Since 6 months have passed, lets see how I fare in each of my goals.

  1. Net-worth (increase by 20%): This goal I have achieved in all last 6 months. I count this goal as pass if I can increase my NW by more than 1% in a month. Till June end, my NW has increased by 14%, seems like I should be able to achieve this target within next quarter.  
  2. Savings (Save 40% of take home): Other than in February, I have managed to achieve this as well. This one I calculate as savings from our take home pay. I don't count automated deductions. Aim is that expenses should always be under 60% of whatever money comes to us. Last year I used to aim at 50% but with baby going to school + daycare, 50% seemed outrageous. However, quick calculation shows that I achieved 50% in 4 out of 6 months, not bad aah!
  3. Retirement (Save 30% for this): To be honest I have totally forgotten what was in my mind when I said 30% for retirement. Was it 30% of total savings, 30% of total salary, or 30% of take home, i have no clue. I am marking it as pass if I don't interrupt my automated retirement savings. This also has been pass in all 6 months.
  4. Emergency Fund (EF = 3X monthly expenses): Finished for the year. Saved 3 months expenses in short term FDs, which can be en-cashed within a day or two. Couldn't save anything for first 2 months of the year, however achieved it in next 4. :)
  5. Payoff my 1 loan: Finished for the year. This took priority and I payed it off completely in first two months. Now you know why no EF for first 2 months.
  1. Baby schedule: This is mostly a pass, except the January month. I am consciously trying very hard for work-life balance to not let my baby suffer.
  2. Reading: Failure till now. To be honest lately work has been more on research side hence no brain cells free for more reading. I could have counted that reading in here but that will be cheating and I as a principal never cheat myself. :)
  3. Improve myselfPass. I am overall more positive and optimistic. 
  4. Exercising: First 4 months I couldn't concentrate on this. But last 2 months I have become very serious for this goal. I am walking regularly now, even on days when I am not well. Hope to continue this spirit for rest of the year.  
Score: 7/9.

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