Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 Goals Tracking - March End

These are my goals for 2014.

Tracking time is here, let’s see what my progress is and what the scorecard is.

  1. Net-worth (increase by 20%): Pass.
  2. Savings (Save 40% of take home): Pass.
  3. Retirement (Save 30% for this): Pass.
  4. Emergency Fund (EF = 3X monthly expenses): Pass.
  5. Payoff my 1 loan: Pass.
  1. Baby schedule: Pass.
  2. Reading: Fail. Work is so hectic that new reading becomes a luxury :(
  3. Improve myselfPass. I am improving on not to think bad about un-necessary things, not to take every thing personally. 
  4. Exercising: Fail. Work is so hectic that this also becomes a luxury :(
Score: 7/9.

Improvement by 2 achieved goals, not bad.

One funny thing to share, I had "learn-more-cooking" goal from so long in my list. 
It was one goal which I almost always failed in achieving.
This year when I decided to scrap it completely, I am cooking more than usual.

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