Saturday, October 8, 2011

Are you buying gold on this Diwali

Though I am missing from writing circuit from long time, but I always keep my reader well read.

The latest trend I see in PF circuit is to write about Gold. Everyone wants to predict whether Gold's Bull Run will continue or not or pros and cons of investing in Gold or how to invest in gold. This list can go on for quite long.

This advertisement provoked me to write about Gold.

Well that’s exactly my kind of strategy to buy gold. No matter how frugal you are, there will always be some occasion where you would like to buy something to make that moment memorable. For example, we Indians like to buy something on Diwali for home, buy something when a baby is born. So rather than buying something consumable, how about buying something precious like Gold or Silver?

Consumables will be of no value after you pay for them, but gold and silver is something that retains its value. No I don't want to predict or calculate whether it will beat inflation or not. I also don't support investing in Gold for retirement because of lack of liquidity. But how about buying Gold as mementos that you will do anyhow.

And we Indians know how much we love to wear that special earrings or bangle of our grandmother.:)


  1. Disagree, Gold do not have a intrinsic value. the Value is demand driven something like Diamond. Did you check what happens to other gems and stones ?

  2. I agree with you anonymous but have you seen any indian wedding without gold?
    As i said gold not for investment but its a need and it retains its value unlike other consumables...